T.A.O.S. Dojos

Traditional Aikido of SonomaThe parent non-profit (501(c)3) organization established by Dennis Tatoian Sensei to promote the teaching of O Sensei’s aikido as taught in Iwama,  Japan to Morhiro Saito Shihan.  Overseen by Noel Kennedy

Takemusu Aikido of Sonoma: Host dojo of Hitohira Saito Sensei overseen by chief instructor Noel Kennedy.

Takemusu Aikido of Petaluma: Kids and Adult classes in Esteem BJJ taught by Paul Olszewksi.

Traditional Aikido of Sonoma State University: SSU class (Julian Shay) and club (Bryan Sardoch) on the campus in Rohnert Park, taught by two long-time students of Tatoian Sensei and Kennedy Sensei.

Traditional Aikido of Rohnert Park: Coming in Summer 2015, instructor Bryan Sardoch.

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